No New Abnormal podcast launched

No New Abnormal launched its brand new podcast today! The show will, for now, focus on raising awareness about the covid narrative, and eventually expand onward into the broader surrounding and underlying topics, like the World Economic Forum's Great Reset, UN Agenda 2030, and more.

The format of the show is intended to be short and informative, though some bonus episodes may break it up with an occasional guest appearance or longer documentary-style episode. Each regular short episode will address one small component of the narrative, and attempt to break it down into small pieces that anyone can appreciate.

The first episide, Not So Novel, After All, introduces the podcast and addresses one key deceit that has enabled the madness - that we are faced with a new disease that everyone is at risk from.

We hope you enjoy the show, please share widely!

Not So Novel, After All

Here are the citations mentioned in today's episode:

Nature, 2008 - 1918 influenza, still immune 90 years later

Nature, 2020 - 2003 coronavirus, still immune 17 years later

Nature, 2021 - immunity to SARS-CoV-2 due to influenza exposure

JCI Insight, 2021 - 90% of uninfected already immune to SARS-CoV-2


In case of censorship, the podcast is being backed up on the Internet Wayback Machine and on our own uncensorable peertube instance. Please feel free to listen, share, copy, or download to your heart's content.

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