See our Peertube instance for the complete uncensorable video archive.

We have also prepared some playlists to cover specific topics below.


A curated playlist of experts speaking on the subjects of face coverings in the covid context.


A collection of vaccine related videos that consists mostly of interviews with doctors and scientists, pertaining specifically to the gene-based vaccines being deployed for covid.

Virus Isolation

This collection consists of videos of doctors and scientists discussing the subject of virus isolation, or lack thereof.


A curated list of scientists discussing the science, data and statistics behind treatments that have been demonstrated to be effective for covid. These treatments are backed by hundreds of studies, but have been ignored and even censored and smeared by governments and media to push the questionable gene-based vaccines instead, seemingly to usher in the vaccine passport agenda.


This playlist consists of clips solely from officials. Politicians, government public health professionals, chief medical officers, the WHO, etc.

Asymptomatic Spread

Arguably the most egregious deceit of 2020 was the world being convinced that healthy people going about their normal activities are spreading disease. This collection consists of mostly doctors and scientists speaking out on the asymptomatic spread issue. As it would turn out, there is basically no asymptomatic spread at all. And thus all the surrounding rules are questionable at best.


A curated list of videos consisting mostly of scientists speaking out on the fraudulent way in which PCR is used to foment fear and misrepresent prevalence of disease. Bottom line: PCR cannot tell you whether you are sick or contagious - as per the inventor of PCR, as per the manufacturers of the tests, and even as per public health figures like the WHO. Furthermore, tests run at cycle thresholds of >35 result in almost exclusively false positives due to the exponential amplification with each cycle. Health officials are fully aware of this, but continue running PCR at 35-50 cycles anyway without disclosing this information as they use numbers based on this technique to impose what amounts to tyranny.

Follow the Science

We've all heard the mantra repeated ad nauseam: Follow the Science! This playlist will do just that, consisting of doctors & scientists speaking on the actual science, data, statistics and their wealth of expertise. Listen to the experts, as they say, and make up your own mind.