Here we will cover some of the legal action taking place around the world against the unprecedented interventions taken in the name of fighting covid.

2021-12-10 - Canada

Four Alberta doctors sue the AHS over vaccine mandate:

The Injunction Application is set to be heard in Court on Tuesday, December 14 at 10am. The doctors will ask the Court not to enforce AHS’ Vaccine Mandate against them, to trust the science and medicine in respect of natural immunity, and to allow the doctors to keep treating their patients.

To support this claim, Dr. Joel Kettner, former Chief Public Health Officer for Manitoba, prepared an expert report which included a review of how major public health organizations have compared protection by natural immunity from previous Covid infection with protection by vaccination. In his report he states: “I have been unable to find relevant data or clear rationale for policies pertaining to the exclusion of health care workers because of their vaccination status, especially since there has been consistent evidence for equivalent – if not superior – protection by natural immunity resulting from previous infection, as described by the major public health organizations and the Public Health Agency’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization”.

2021-12-10 - USA

Pennsylvania Supreme Court strikes down school mask mandates:

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Friday struck down the school mask mandate imposed by the administration of Gov. Tom Wolf, affirming a lower court ruling that said state health officials lacked the authority to set the blanket requirement for students across the state.The ruling removed a previous order that allowed the mask mandate to remain in place while the Wolf administration appealed the Commonwealth Court ruling from last month

2021-12-07 - USA

Missouri courts ruled all measures illegal & unconstitutional, and had Attorney General Eric schmitt put out an official statement saying all mandates are now null and void and everyone must stop enforcing them immediately.

Under this judgment, all mask mandates, quarantine orders, and other public health orders that are based on any of the invalidated regulations or issued outside the protections of the Missouri Administrative Procedure Act are null and void. You should stop enforcing and publicizing any such orders immediately.

Failure to follow the court's judgment may result in enforcement action against you to remove orders the court has determined are unconstitutional and illegal. We encourage you to take immediate action to remove all unconstitutional and illegal orders.

2021-11-01 - Canada

Alberta law firm Rath & Co sues AHS (Alberta Health Services) on behalf of Dr. Eric T. Payne, Dr. Joanne J. Moser, Dr. David W.L. Loewen and Dr. Gregory Chan over unlawful covid measures.

2021-10-29 - Canada

Thousands of healthcare & government workers launch human rights complaint.

“On behalf of all APS and AHS employees who do not wish to be injected against their will with any COVID-19 related injection, we respectfully invoke Sec. 10 of the AHRA,” said the complaint, requesting Alberta Human Rights Commission issue an order prohibiting the Alberta government and AHS from “retaliatory action against any employees,” for refusing to take a COVID-19 injection.

2021-06-09 - USA

Boone County Judge Richard Brueggemann rules all covid measures unconstitutional and issues permanent injunction against all of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear's covid orders. Link to Kentucky legislature bill HJR77 here.

2021-05-14 - Switzerland

Pilatus Today (Google Translate) - criminal charges filed against Swiss National Covid-19 Science Task Force.

Several associations and private individuals are making serious allegations against the Corona Task Force boss Martin Ackermann and other people.
Criminal charges have been filed against Martin Ackermann, the head of the Swiss National Covid-19 Science Task Force and “possibly other parties involved”, for deliberately and successfully frightening the population in accordance with Art. 258 of the Criminal Code.
The criminal complaint was submitted by five associations and seven private individuals, as they wrote in a message on Friday. Including associations such as the “Friends of the Constitution” and the youth movement “Mass-Voll”.
The plaintiffs accuse Martin Ackermann of the following crimes, among others:
- Repeated publication of implausible horror prognoses regarding the occupancy of the intensive care beds, with the aim of terrifying the public and implementing more stringent measures.
- Repeated and systematic manipulation of past ICU bed data, presumably with the aim of making the current situation appear more dramatic.
- False statements about hospitalizations and deaths. On the occasion of the Federal Council's press conference on October 27, 2020, Martin Ackermann commented on the current situation: “Switzerland today has more hospitalizations and deaths per day than in mid-March. And the numbers keep increasing. " The statement was wrong at this point. However, the numbers were later corrected upwards due to late registrations (which were debatable in themselves).
- Constantly changing reasons for tightening or maintaining the measures, depending on which indicator fits best into the desired narrative.
Criminal complaint filed with the public prosecutor
The Zurich Limmat public prosecutor's office is now requested to open a criminal investigation and to secure documents on the criminal offenses from the accused and “any accomplices”. Yves Flückiger, board member of «swissuniversities», Michael Hengartner, president of the ETH board and Matthias Egger, president of the Swiss National Science Foundation and first president of the task force, are named as accomplices.

2021-05-12 - France

FranceSoir (Google Translate) - 1500 doctors file appeal for use of ivermectin.

2021-05-11 - Canada

Dr. Jared Bullard testifies as a government witness in a Manitoba hearing, that PCR at 18ct results in 56% false positives, and 100% false positives at 25ct.

2021-05-07 - UK

Jackson Osborne - AB v Tapton: masks will no longer be encouraged in classrooms from 17 May.

2021-04-20 - Canada

Rocco Galati files lawsuit against Government of Ontario on behalf of Police Sgt. Julie Evans over enforcement of covid measures.

Rocco Galati files lawsuit against Toronto Public Health, Toronto District School Board and others on behalf of students over covid measures in schools.

2021-03-23 - Canada

Stacy Amikwabi files appeal to Judge Corthorn's dismissal without notice of January 11 2021 class action suit.

2021-03-19 - International

LifeSite - International Criminal Court accepts lawsuit against Israel for crimes against humanity and violations of the Nuremberg Code with their vaccination program.

The petitioners are calling on the ICC to immediately discontinue the experimental vaccine campaign, repeal all sanctions against those who choose not to be injected with these biological agents, and to act with “the most required severity against any public / business / employment entity which violates” these principles.Ruth Machnes Suchovolsky, a lawyer representing Anshei Emet, confirmed on social media: “The complaint for violation of the Nuremberg Code has been accepted and The Hague International Criminal Court is sitting on the bench. … We will continue to update.”

2021-03-12 - Canada

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms launched a lawsuit against the government on behalf of Pastor James Coates that was arrested and detained for over a month for keeping his church open in spite of public health orders.

2021-02-09 - Canada

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms launched a lawsuit against the government: Gateway Bible Baptist Church, Pembina Valley Baptist Church, et al. vs. Manitoba and Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin.

The Justice Centre’s filed lawsuit alleges that Orders under The Public Health Act of Manitoba are outside of the authority of Manitoba, because law-making is in the exclusive jurisdiction of the Legislature. The lawsuit also states that Manitoba’s lockdown measures are not justified violations of the Charter-protected freedoms of conscience, religion, expression, and peaceful assembly. The action also contends that Manitoba and Dr. Roussin failed to consider the collateral social and health costs of locking down society. The lawsuit claims that the PCR Test, the tool used to diagnose COVID-19 in Manitoba, produces unreliable and misleading data and that Manitoba and Dr. Roussin knew or ought to have known of this unreliability.

2021-02-08 - Canada

Adam Skelly of Adamson BBQ launches a constitutional challenge against the government in the Ontario Superior Court.

The Applicants intend to bring forward expert evidence which will delve into these elements of the agenda to demonstrate that the implementations of the preventative measures are not supported by sound science or medical evidence and have caused irreparable harm to all segments of the population throughout Ontario. The most vulnerable – the elderly, the youth, the special needs, the Indigenous communities all are suffering irreparable harm

2021-02-03 - Canada

Michael Swinwood sues governments of Ontario & Canada, individual political leaders, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO and the Pope.

It claims that all the defendants allowed for the bringing in of COVID restrictions and shutdowns "without lawful authority and due process on behalf of the mind, body and health of the Canadian Public."

2021-01-11 - Canada

Stacy Amikwabi files class action against Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam, Doug Ford, Christine Elliott, Jim Watson, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others in the Ontario Superior Court.

2021-01-08 - Canada

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms launched a lawsuit against the government: Beaudoin et al v. British Columbia and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.

The Petition filed with the Court challenges the Orders on the basis that they unjustifiably violate the rights and freedoms of BC residents, particularly freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and freedom of peaceful assembly as protected by the Charter, and are thus unconstitutional.

The hearing of the challenge was presided over by Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson on March 1-3 and 5, 2021. During the hearing, the BC government conceded that Dr. Henry’s prohibition on outdoor political protests was unconstitutional.

2020-12-17 - Canada

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms launched a lawsuit against the government: Heights Baptist Church, Northside Baptist Church et al. vs. Alberta and The Chief Medical Officer of Health.

As part of the court challenge the Justice Centre will argue that that CMOH Orders violate multiple Charter-protected rights, such as the right to peacefully assemble, the right to visit friends and family, the right to freely practice religious beliefs, the right to travel and the right to conduct business and earn a living. The Justice Centre will further argue that these constitutional rights violations are not justified because lockdowns cause far more harm than whatever harm from COVID-19 lockdown measures may prevent.

2020-08-20 - Canada

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms launched a lawsuit against the government: Maione and Mills vs. Ontario (Chief Medical Officer of Health and Minister of Long-Term Care).

The lawsuit claims that the government infringed their Charter rights to life, liberty and security of the person, and asks the court to review the government’s decision to keep family and private caregivers locked out of long-term care homes. Residents had been kept in their rooms, isolated from family members, and deprived of the care and supervision of loved ones for, at that point, more than five months. Both Mrs. Maione and Mrs. Mills suffered cognitive and physical decline due to a lack of care from their loving family members or private caregivers, who provide essential care that short-staffed homes do not.

2020-07-06 - Canada

Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati files lawsuit against Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam and several others on behalf of Vaccine Choice Canada.

The lawsuit was filed July 6 in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto by Aylmer, Ont.-based Vaccine Choice Canada and seven individuals. The legal action is a challenge under Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the country's pandemic response measures, including compulsory face masks, the closure of businesses and the enforcement of physical distancing.
The plaintiffs are suing the governments of Canada and Ontario, the City of Toronto, senior politicians, a number of local Ontario health authorities, health officials and the CBC over their response to the pandemic.
The suit states that the closure of businesses to prevent the spread of the virus was "extreme, unwarranted and unjustified," that self-isolation measures imposed on individuals were "not scientific, nor medically based nor proven" and that the mandatory wearing of face coverings in some public spaces imposes "physical and psychological harm."
The lawsuit alleges that the measures violate Sections 2 (right of association), 7 (life, liberty and security of the person), 8 (unlawful search and seizure), 9 (arbitrary detention of enforcement officers) and 15 (equality before and under the law) of the charter.
"The measures ... are further not in accordance with the tenets of fundamental justice in their overbreadth, nor are they justified under S.1 of the charter in that they are demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society," the lawsuit states.

2020-05-14 - Canada

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has launched a lawsuit against the government: Justice Centre v. Alberta Government.

The Justice Centre has filed a legal challenge to Bill 10, the Alberta Public Health (Emergency Powers) Amendment Act, 2020. The United Conservative Party used its majority to pass Bill 10, on April 2, 2020, in under 48 hours, with only 21 out of 87 elected MLAs present and voting on the final reading. Bill 10 has come under intense public criticism for providing sweeping, extraordinary, and nearly unlimited powers to any government minister at the stroke of a pen.
Prior to Bill 10, the Public Health Act already gave extensive powers to Cabinet, the Minister of Health, and the Chief Medical Officer in the event of a public health emergency. These existing powers included taking citizen’s real or personal property without consent, authorizing entry into a person’s residence without a warrant, requiring mass immunization of the public, and requiring mass public testing. Under these existing provisions, a minister could suspend – for up to 60 days – the operation of any existing law. These powers have never faced a constitutional challenge.