Freedom isn't free

The only rights you have are the ones you fight for. It's time to take action.

But what can I do?

Speak out! Don't remain silent. Speak to any friends, family, associates, or colleagues that are willing to have a conversation about it. Write, email, fax, call your representatives. Show up at rallies. Share on social media. Circumvent censorship by using alternative platforms. Take off the mask. Become familiar with the law. Support existing initiatives.

Here we'll try to help you get connected with communities and ongoing efforts.

Telegram groups

Here are a few Telegram groups to get you started. They're good for organizing and keeping up to date without censorship.

Chris Sky

The Angry Albertan

PANDA - Data & Analytics

World Doctors Alliance

Covid Vaccine Victims


These are better for long-form discussion. Reddit is now heavily censored. With every new wave of bans, more people are driven to alternatives like Ruqqus.

.win Communities: c/NoNewNormal

Reddit: r/NoNewNormal, r/LockdownSkepticism, r/EndTheLockdowns

Reddit has since been deleted r/NoNewNormal (>120k people)


These initiatives are fighting for your fundamental human rights and freedoms, and for holding to account those attempting to impose a new global abnormal.

Corona Investigative Committee

Constitutional Rights Centre

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

World Doctors Alliance

Great Barrington Declaration

Declaration of Canadian Physicians

Doctors for Covid Ethics

Informed Consent Action Network

Liberty Coalition Canada

Alberta Institute - End The Lockdown

End Alberta Lockdown

Take Action Canada



No More Lockdowns Canada

Lawyers 4 Truth

Alberta Stores & Services - Exemption Friendly

Vaccine Choice Canada

Lethbridge We The People

The About Face


Because of rampant censorship on mainstream platforms, we actively archive videos on Odysee, Bitchute, 3SPEAK, Newtube and now on our very own uncensorable Peertube instance.

Here are a few channels to get you started.


Perspectives on the Pandemic

Pandemic Podcast

Dr. Sam Bailey

Bright Light News

The Highwire

The James Delingpole Channel

Covid Plan B

TrialSite News

Covexit News & Analysis

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

What's Up Canada?